Russian cuisine. What to try?

Tasting local food is definitely a part of almost every journey. It is especially interesting to try some very famous and popular dishes of a foreign cuisine that you’ve heard of. If you are about to go to Saint Petersburg, hopefully you have at least basic understanding of what is waiting for you there. In terms of life and food, since we’ve started this “cuisine” talk.

Russian cuisine is very diversified and has traditions, some of which date back to the ancient times. There are some traditional Russian drinks, like kvass or vodka. There is even a special Russia vodka museum in Saint Petersburg that you can visit. Apart from learning history of this worldwide recognized drink, you’ll be able to try some taste and get a souvenir.

Okay, done with alcohol. Let’s move on to snacks. Interestingly, but Russians are quite into various snacks and salads. Maybe that’s because back in the days they grew many vegetables, and generally the agricultural sector was well-developed. There are different salads with carrots, potatoes, beatroots, onion and pee. For instance, vinaigrette, Olive salad. There is even a cold salad-soup - okroshka that is salad filled in with kvass. Interesting combination, and, in fact, very refreshing. Especially during hot summer days. Cabbage is another popular vegetable that is put in salad and cooked, e.g. stewed with meat or sausages.

As for meat meals, you’ve probably heard of kotlety, large meat balls made of minced meat and fried on pans. There are also pelmeni - meat balls in dough, or vareniki. But the latter ones are made with jam or cottage cheese inside, instead of meat.

Another sort of meat related dish is shashlyki. Why meat related? Well, cause “shashlyki” can be out of poultry, fish and port, ham, lamp. It’s a sort of Russian barbeque.

Speaking about food is hard, as immediately starting to feel hungry and eager to taste something. So here I am - would like to recommend you checking these spots in case you want to taste some Russian cuisine in the restaurants of Saint Petersburg.

Приятного аппетита!