Roadside revival: 10 of the best motels in the US

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These revamped US motels combine modern style with retro touches and new features, such as DJ sets and yoga classes

Not much remains of the Henning Motel in Newberry Springs, California. Out on old Route 66, only the once-flashing neon sign still stands, rusted beyond repair. The arrival of the Interstate Highway in the 1970s rerouted custom elsewhere, and like thousands of motels across America, its fate was sealed. These emblems of the American road seemed in steady decline, that is, until recent years, when hoteliers began to recognise the potential in their architecture and storied past, and set about repurposing them.

The new generation of motels have co-opted the vintage aesthetics and mom-and-pop atmosphere of the 1950s and 1960s originals but given them a glossy finish with artisanal interiors, fancy linens, and locally brewed kombucha, or the like, catering to the values of the millennial traveller.

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