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A Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is regarded as one of the popular tourist destinations. It takes pride in having vibrant cuisines, exciting nightlife, and beautiful sea beaches. That’s why; thousands of people visit Israel to spend their holiday. There is one more thing that makes Israel a must-visit destination - it is a sacred holy land. It is surrounded by enormous religious sites that make Israel one of the most prominent holy places. If you are planning to travel to holy land of Israel, you are recommended to choose a credible agency that gives you amazing holy land tour packages of Israel. Regina Tours is one such agency you can rely upon for spectacular holy land tour packages. Yes, you read it right. It is a leading travel agency that is known for managing small groups and private tours in the land of Israel. Regina Tours offers you the finest collection of holy land tours from where you can choose according to your requirement and budget.

Regina Tours was founded by Mr. Benji Shavit in the year 1995 and since then, it has earned huge accolades and appreciation for providing excellent customer satisfactory services. It provides a spiritual holy land tour package that allows you to visit the eminent sacred places in Israel. Regina Tours provides a wide range of tour packages for daily tours, weekly departures and city break. In their daily tour package, you can witness the beauty of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Sea, Bethlehem and many more. The daily tour package is designed in such a way so that you can enjoy your trip to Israel to its fullest. This package is also included with pick-up and drops-offs at your hotel. Besides daily tours, Regina Tour’s weekly departures package is also incredible. You not only explore the land of Israel but you also get a chance to visit neighboring countries of Israel.

Besides holy land tour packages, Regina Tours also provides exceptional services for visa and airport transport. You will be also provided with multilingual guides to make your travel meaningful. So, if you are excited to embark on a journey to Israel, you should look no further than Regina Tours. To get the Israel holy land tour package of Regina Tours, you need to visit its official website, know the details and book according to your budget and requirement.

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