Ranthambore National Park - Best Place for Tiger Sighting


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I am a wildlife enthusiast and in the pursuit of my tiger spotting, I have visited many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. I have visited the Ranthambore National Park too for two times within a year, one in the month of March this year and one in November last year. In both my trip to Ranthambore, I did two Jungle safari - one Canter safari in morning and one Jeep safari in the evening because I didn't want to take any chance. I had heard that two and three safaris in Ranthambore will maximize your chances of tiger sighting and most probably you will see the Majestic tigers. I got really lucky as I did see the Tigers in both my trip even I spotted a tiger family - one male tiger, one female tiger, and their three cubs. It was an amazing sight and I got goosebumps watching them. As per my personal experience, the sighting of this beautiful wild beast in the wild is pure luck as the Tigers are elusive and shy in nature. But, the best thing about the tigers of Ranthambore is they are diurnal in nature against the normal nature of tigers which is nocturnal behavior. That's why it is easy to get a sight of tigers in Ranthambore National Park than any other forest. Even it is said that if you can not get the sighting of tigers in three or four safaris in Ranthambore you are very unlucky as most tourists get the sight. If you are wildlife enthusiasts you should visit this amazing forest at least once to experience the view of the raw forest and majestic tigers.
I booked the Ranthambore National Park tour from HTO India in November 2023 and our group of 25 people got a chance to see the tiger. Our tour operator had started keeping an eye on the tracks of the tigers as soon as we entered the park, due to which we were able to see the tiger within 30 minutes of entering the park. Till now we had only heard that tigers are shy but we saw this in person when the tiger started hiding behind trees and bushes after seeing our Jeep, It's important to note that, in addition to being shy, tigers can be dangerous. Also happens Till now you may have heard its roar only on TV or YouTube, but if it actually roars in front of you, your condition may worsen due to fear. Our tour operator explained the park rules and guidelines to us due to which we sat quietly and even saw the tiger.