Peru trip


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We have a small group planning on traveling to Peru. Looking at the packages it doesn't appear that we can do everything that we want. We want to spend about a week in Lima and a week in Cusco. There will be between 2 and 6 of us. I speak very little spanish but will buy one of those pocket translators that does not need wifi. I am trying to keep the cost low to enable more people to go. We wish to:

Spend a day in Lima at the plaza and nearby attractions
Hike to laguna 69. I know a bus goes there and its about 8 hours
another day in Lima to visit the art museum of gold, art museum and park of love
maybe another day in Lima
Spend a day in Cusco at the plaza and nearby attractions
take the 2-3 day hike to machu picchu by the hydro electric dam
check out the saqsaywaman
Go to the rainbow mountains
maybe another day in Cusco

I plan on going in April or May
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Can I find local guides?
Someone told me making hotel reservations cost twice as much. Are reservations necessary?
Does anyone know the 2-3 route to hike to Machu Picchu?
I believe I can get a guide at Machu Picchu. Or should I get one for the 2-3 day hike?

Is this too ambitious? Should we forget about our ideal trip and settler for a package?
I don't mind doing the work to plan it.