Outstanding Kilimanjaro Hiking with Kili Climax Adventures

Jean Marc

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with the community. With my 2 friends we had an amazing adventure in Tanzania With Kili Climax Adventures.

Before leaving we did a lot of research and as I think we finally opted to go with Kili Climax Adventures

Unlike other agencies, they advised us the best routes to climb Kilimanjaro. In the end, the price remained very attractive and we had a top team to support us in this adventure. They came to pick us up from the airport. They checked our stuff to make sure we had everything and, as it was, they didn't try to get us to rent other stuff. After a night in a hotel in Moshi included in the package, we left for Kili. The conditions (food, sleeping, comfort) were very good despite the rainy weather. The guides were constantly available for us (even at 3 a.m. when my friend needed water) and they adapted to all our needs during the trek. I also appreciated the safety aspect (The guides are correct on the state of fitness and the ability to go further. That is reassuring.) and do not hesitate to relieve you if you are not well to help you to go as far as possible. Also nice to learn a little about the fauna and flora of Kili. I therefore highly recommend. For tips, we were told to give $100 each but we gave $200 because we were super satisfied and we hadn't paid much at the start. There you go, I hope this will help some people in their choice.
I recommend Kili Climax Adventures 100%



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