Our unique experience of paragliding in Da Nang

Andrew Grill

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Hi everyone, During the last summer vacation, my family including my husband and 2 sons decided to go to Da Nang - Vietnam is the ideal place to travel.

We landed in Da Nang on August 10, 2023, and started enjoying the trip by swimming and sunbathing at My Khe beach, eating Da Nang's specialties such as rice paper rolls with pork, pancakes, etc. Visiting Hoi An and shopping for souvenirs. My husband and kids love the atmosphere here and we quite enjoyed the day off.
Da Nang City Tour On Sky – Paragliding - AN Tours Vietnam.jpg

Since this is our 20th wedding anniversary, I really wanted to surprise my husband so I wanted to do something special during the trip. We visited all the famous places in Da Nang and were suggested by people to join skydiving to see the city. My husband and children were very excited and we joined the 2nd morning tour in Da Nang. I contacted to participate in paragliding through Da Nang City Tour On Sky-Paragliding and would like to share some notes for those who intend to participate in paragliding:

Before you fly, you will be asked about your health status. They questioned us very carefully to make sure we didn't have any heart or spine problems and didn't have high blood pressure. The age to fly is from 4-80 years old. You will hear carefully about the rules and receive thorough instructions from the paraglider manager before you fly.

Experience rating: 4.5/5 stars

We are quite satisfied because, during the process of participating in paragliding, we can enjoy the view of Da Nang city with its majestic mountains and extremely beautiful coastline. The pilots are very professional and friendly. My kids also love it and we get to take a lot of beautiful photos from above.