New Year in St Petersburg

There are many events and activities that you can experience. For instance, you can go skiing and riding a sledge with reindeer in the Leningrad region. You can skate in the city centre and also visit a special Christmas market.

During your vacation, you can also watch some ballet or opera performance in one of city theatres. Actually, would be a great idea to visit the Mariinsky or Alexandriinsky Theatres, which are among the most popular worldwide thanks to their outstanding shows.

If, by chance, you are going to be in Saint Petersburg right at the New Year night, visit the Palace Square. There’ll be the main celebration: awesome concerns, an entertaining program, fireworks. On New Year there will be many other events around the city. Likely, public transport and underground will work all night long.

By the way, all the museums are open at Christmas and New Year season. Check the sights you’d like to visit in the list >