New Circuits for Machu Picchu, New Regulation 1st June 2024


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Starting June 1, 2024, Machu Picchu will introduce three new circuits to enhance the visitor experience. Each circuit features different routes to explore various aspects of the ancient Incan city. Here are the details of the new circuits:

1. Panoramic Circuit (Circuit 1)​

  • Route 1-A: Montaña Machu Picchu
  • Route 1-B: Upper Terrace Route
  • Route 1-C: Intipunku Gate (available only in high season)
  • Route 1-D: Inca Bridge (available only in high season)

2. Classic Machu Picchu Circuit (Circuit 2)​

  • Route 2-A: Designed route covering major classic spots including the famous viewpoint, Guardian’s House, Sacred Rock, and Mirror Water ensemble.
  • Route 2-B: Lower Terrace Route offering a different perspective but including many of the same classic sites.

3. Royalty Circuit (Circuit 3)​

  • Route 3-A: Waynapicchu Mountain, providing an adventurous hike with stunning views.
  • Route 3-B: Designed route for exploring exclusive areas like the Royal Palace and Temple of the Sun.
  • Route 3-C: Great Cavern (available only in high season)
  • Route 3-D: Huchuypicchu (available only in high season)
These circuits are part of a broader effort to manage visitor flow and preserve the integrity of the site. Each circuit has specific entry times and visitor capacity limits to ensure a better experience and reduce congestion. The total daily visitor capacity is set at 5,600 in high season and 4,500 in low season (Machu Picchu Tickets) (Machu Picchu Tickets 2024) (Viaje en Perú)

For more details and to reserve tickets, visit the official Machu Picchu website or consult authorized travel agencies.