Monsoon season in Taiwan offers a unique opportunity to witness the island's dramatic landscapes come alive with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. But with two distinct monsoon periods affecting different regions, choosing the right destination is key! Here are some top picks for your monsoon getaway, tailored to each season:
  1. Taroko Gorge:
    • Located in Taroko National Park, Taroko Gorge is a stunning natural wonder with marble cliffs, deep canyons, and lush vegetation. The monsoon rains enhance the beauty of the waterfalls and create a dramatic atmosphere.
  2. Alishan National Scenic Area:
    • Alishan is known for its scenic mountain landscapes, ancient cypress forests, and the famous Alishan Forest Railway. The monsoon season adds a mystical quality to the area, with mist-shrouded forests and vibrant greenery.
  3. Sun Moon Lake:
    • Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. Despite the occasional rainfall, the monsoon season brings out the natural beauty of the area, and the lake looks particularly picturesque.
  4. Yangmingshan National Park:
    • Close to Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is known for its hot springs, volcanic landscapes, and diverse flora. The monsoon season revitalizes the park, making it an excellent time to enjoy the blooming flowers and greenery.
  5. Wulai:
    • Wulai, a mountainous area near Taipei, is famous for its hot springs and indigenous culture. The monsoon season adds a refreshing touch to the region, and the hot springs become even more enticing during cooler, rainy weather.
  6. Kenting National Park:
    • Located in the southernmost part of Taiwan, Kenting National Park features beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and tropical landscapes. The monsoon season may bring some rain, but it also contributes to the vibrant greenery and the overall lush atmosphere.
  7. Hualien:
    • Hualien, located on the east coast of Taiwan, is a gateway to Taroko Gorge and offers its own scenic attractions. The East Rift Valley, with its expansive rice fields, is particularly charming during the monsoon season.
While visiting these places during the monsoon season, it's essential to stay updated on weather forecasts, especially regarding typhoon activity. Additionally, some outdoor activities may be affected by heavy rainfall, so it's advisable to plan accordingly and check local conditions before embarking on any adventures. Try booking flights with ieagle to get cheap flight deals to china and donot miss to explore the beauty of taiwan.