Moc Chau plateau on the season of plum


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Enjoy the specialty product of Moc Chau on the plum harvest time and discover the culture of ethnic people.

Moc Chau has its own beauty that you never get bored even if you come in at any time. The large field of white flowers reform, it shimmering in the morning mist or the forests of plum flowers and colorful floral wealth. And certainly anyone to Moc Chau, are not to be missed the plum and peach delicious. For the Mong people in Moc Chau District, the plum tree is a gift endowed by nature because the variety grows so well in the highland soil and requires little maintenance. Furthermore, it produces a particularly high-value yield.


Moc Chau is known for plum and peach garden vast, dense slopes of cherry, plum blossom when they were brilliant on the crop. Whether anyone coming to the North West would also come to the garden once in Moc Chau plums and peaches to enjoy the plums, ripe cherries at the tree.

Great sense of fun and how the classifieds each fruit a tree down on eating fresh and delicious. From the center of the town of Moc Chau Farm (Moc Chau district, Son La province) along the Tan Lap turn into about 20km, through the pastures, cattle, a green path appears, leading to post-plum hills and plum flowers are in season fruit pilgrimage. Step into the middle of summer, greener hills like plum, red as more diverse with a wealth of beams tawny red plum, red, crimson, red and purple…


Go to Moc Chau This season, visitors will indeed put imagination before the hills green plum, red fruit to silly beautiful.

Peaches, plums fresh after harvest will be the dealer to take home garden procurement or more people will directly carry through to market. In particular, on the Moc Chau has a lot of traders are siblings Kinh, they came here to do business and economic peach plum season again to buy and sell garden. On the northwest along the path, visitors will come across many roadside shops teemed the basket, the peach and plum laden table.


Even people back up there where all vehicles sold, passersby on weight loading on the car and carry on. The fun, happy smile on the lips of the people here as a result how their hard day gain.

With its endless plum forests, fields of tea, dairy cows grazing leisurely on the immense green grass fields and beautiful natural landscapes, Moc Chau is certain to give you a very enjoyable holiday

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