Mera peak climbing guide


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Mera Peak climbing in the high Himalayas in Nepal has been one of the most interesting and thrilling adventures. Especially, Many climbers come to Nepal with different motives to test their skills and ability to reach success. There are a total of 1310 Himalayan peaks over 6000m, from it 326 peaks with additional 33 minor climbing peaks are ready for an adventure that makes the country the best destination for climbing and mountaineering.

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So allow us to lead you on this spectacular journey to one of the world's highest hiking peaks. We'll also persuade you that the path you picked to ultimately reach the vibrant Sherpa community with the distinct culture of the Khumbu Valley was the best one. Give us the opportunity to imagine what it would feel like to climb the most difficult hurdle and reach the top. Let's go on to this clear, detailed instruction manual now.