Long Term Travel While Taking Prescription Medication


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I have a simple question. I want to take some time out to do some long term travelling over a few years. However, I currently take two sets of medication for anxiety: sertraline and propranolol. Is it possible to acquire medications like these while in a foreign country? If so how? What preparations would I need to make to ensure I can take my medication?


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Learn all the information available online about getting these medications through border control. It depends on where you go, but I would better have all the necessary meds with me and not rely on the local pharmacies


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It depends on the country and the local regulations. You can look up the medications on the local pharmacies' websites and even contact customer support to find out whether you need a prescription or you can just buy them over the counter. Keep in mind that the same medication can have different names in different countries.
It's not safe to take psychotropic medications through border control. I don't know the exact rules, but I personally would not risk it.
For instance, I have to take anticonvulsant medications for seizures. When I was traveling, I had to ask a local guy to buy them for me. He somehow got a prescription and bought it for me in Mexico. But I'm afraid it won't work in any country.
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