Lardy cake and black garlic ice-cream: six of Britain’s best local foods to try


Ianthe Butt

A whistlestop tasting tour of the British Isles through some of its traditional regional produce and plates – from a cheese featured in the Domesday Book to a bread that’s actually seaweed

Black garlic ice-cream, Isle of Wight
Garlic and ice-cream sounds a mind-boggling mix, however, this unique dessert is an Isle of Wight must-try, dreamed up by The Garlic Farm. While the kick of fresh garlic didn’t sit well with ice-cream, they found that using black garlic – heat-aged slowly in a low temperature oven – gave a sweet, vanilla-like flavour. Try it at the farm, or its restaurant, then stay nearby at Bembridge Coast Hotel right on the seafront, where you can enjoy seasonal Brit classics at its Market Kitchen restaurant.

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