Is there free camping in the San Juans?


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Before you pack up and get on your way, let's define what free means and where the San Juan Islands are located. For some, free may mean no charge for camping but may fail to add in the cost of a new boat or kayak and tons of gear. For others, anything less than the price of a five star hotel and plane ticket is a steal.

Washington State DNR land (department of natural resources) is not state park land it is DNR land and offers five amazing and free camping spots in the San Juan Island area. All are first come and no reservations and only accessible by boat. All are pack it in and pack it out. Facilities are maintained by local volunteers and clubs. free camping in the san juans
lummi island campground.webp

This is the small anchorage at Lummi Island campground. The four rustic campsites are mostly visited by kayakers
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