Interesting New Guide Idea in Budapest


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Personally, I travel more for the cultural experience and to meet people than I do for checking off boxes in a guide book. But yes, gotta check off the boxes too. But for this reading a few good guidebooks and a little googling does the trick; no guide required.

Keep reading, there is a twist at the end.

If you are like me, then Ekaterina may be just the ticket.

Day one, the best of Pest. Let’s say Vaci utca, the Parliament, the Great Synagogue, the Basilica, Heroes’ Square, and a lot of points in between; all on the trams so you can really get down and touch the city.

Day two, the House of Terror, then a hidden tourist free café on upper Andrassy ut for lunch; then off to the Great Market Hall to do some grocery shopping. Then back to a very typical Hungarian apartment to learn how to cook Borscht, Varenyky and Deruni for dinner with Ekaterina and her family. After dinner maybe to the Corso for desert and a drink all while admiring the lights of the castle across the river.

Along the way you discuss cultures, people, history and what is happening in the world today from an Eastern European perspective. You get to know an actual living person of Eastern Europe. Try that on your own with a guidebook. I promise a more fascinating, friendly, intelligent, and caring guide you will never meet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Budapest and learn about the region at the same time? Like two trips in one. Wait! Did I say learn to cook Borscht, Varenyky and Deruni? Doesn’t sound too Hungarian?

Remember at the top I said there was a twist to this. Ekaterina has run a very popular guiding business for a number of years. She is excellent. Well read and well-studied on Budapest and Hungary and she will get you around Budapest like a local but still close enough to being a tourist herself that she still understands what tourists are interested in (and the price can not be beat). Why? What? Well Ekaterina and her family are “immigrants” from Kyiv. Kyiv, where her husband remains in the Territorial Guard. ( )

This is a very rare opportunity to take a trip and return home much wiser than when you left. This is the sort of trip I live for, and for that reason worth the effort to post here.

I am usually very cautious about recommending people. They will be perfect for me 10 times, then I recommend them and it’s a disaster. I have nothing but confidence in Ekaterina.

Ekateryna Prokhochuk