How to find student accommodation near New York University


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Need student apartments & housing near new york university? University Living helps you find student flats, accommodation, housing, studios & en-suite rooms in New York.

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Columbia, New York University, and Fordham University, to name a few, are located in New York City. Every year, new students arrive in the city, eager to realize their dreams in Big! However, New York City is well-known for its competitive rental market.

If you prefer to live off-campus rather than in a dorm, you think that it can be difficult to find an affordable student housing that is also close to your university. Not anymore! We've got you covered. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in finding the best student housing in New York City.

  • Do thorough research for affordable housing websites.
  • Find roommates and split the rent.
  • Search for a student-friendly neighborhood.
  • Start looking for a house a month before your courses or internships begins.
  • Prepare all your needed documents.