How much do you need for a trip in Thailand Dubai?

Elsie Young

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Last May, I started on a whirlwind adventure that crammed the dazzling metropolis of Dubai and the serene paradise of Thailand into a glorious three-day blitz for each location. Yes, you read that right – two iconic destinations in just six days, and without breaking the bank!

Intrigued? Here's the lowdown. Flights? Snagged a steal at around $1,500, thanks to some creative searching and a touch of flexibility. Accommodation in Thailand is a backpacker's dream. Cozy hostels in Bangkok for a mere $10 a night fueled my exploration, while beachfront bungalows in Phuket for $25 offered idyllic escapes. Dubai, the land of luxury, surprised me. A strategically timed online search yielded a chic hotel for $80 a night – prime location, all the amenities, and a balcony overlooking the bustling city.

Food is where things get interesting. Thailand's legendary street food scene didn't disappoint. Spicy curries, steaming Pad Thai, and exotic fruits – all for a fiver or less. Feeling fancy? No problem, upscale restaurants abound. Dubai is a global food court, with everything from aromatic kebabs for $12 to Michelin-starred experiences.

Activities? Here's where you paint your adventure with your budget brush. In Thailand, ancient temples whispered stories for free, bustling markets offered endless souvenir haggling opportunities (think $5 for a hand-painted elephant pendant!), and a day trip to Phi Phi Island for $40 soaked me in turquoise waters. Dubai? It's an adrenaline junkie's playground. Skydiving anyone? Budget around $400 for that heart-stopping experience. Or, cruise the desert sands on a camel for a more sedate (and much cheaper) $20 adventure. The iconic Burj Khalifa? A must-see, but the ticket will set you back around $100. Totally worth it for that panoramic cityscape view, though!

So, the grand finale? This epic six-day adventure, with flights, budget-friendly accommodation, delicious eats, and a sprinkle of must-do activities, came in at a cool $3,500. That's right, folks, two once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the price of one! Now, who's ready to pack their bags and chase some unforgettable memories? This adventure for two worlds awaits

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The cost of a trip to Thailand or Dubai can vary depending on your travel preferences and budget. It's recommended to do some research on accommodation, transportation, food, and activities to estimate the total cost of your trip.