How does the pandemic affect travel guides?

The whole situation in 2020 is definitely bothering people all over the world. It changed many plans, changed lots of lives and this time on lockdown some call a real time to reconsider activities and work. For instance, in Russia there have been strict regulations and people have not been official let go out (although many still do that). Public places are still closed in many cities, and lots of people suffered from unemployment.

As far as I know travel guides stayed with no job. Quite logical: borders are closed, people do not visit the country (speaking of Russia now, I bet the situation in Europe is a bit different so would be interesting to hear your story and view on that). Anyway, some guides including the one I know from Saint Petersburg have started vlogging aka virtual video tours around the city. What do you think about such a way of raising knowledge of the destination? And one more thing that I'd be interested to hear from you - what would you do or what do you do if your occupation depends on tourism to stay in the loop, i.e. apply your skills and knowledge to raise money?

Actually you can check the tours I mentioned earlier here >


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Yes, pandemic affected travel guides. Most of the peoples don't want to travel due to Covid-19. In the meantime, I had visited Iceland with a tour guide (Tip Top Cruises) and this tour guide helped me a lot during my trip.