How can we enjoy our traveling when there’s a lot of rain?


  1. Run to Your Terrace/ Road and Welcome the Rain.
  2. Go to the Lawn or Backyard and Dance Madly in Rain.
  3. Open the Window or Visit Your Balcony.
  4. Enjoy a Long Drive with Your Beloved One When it's Drizzling Around.
  5. Walk the Road in Rain with Umbrella and Rubber Boots.
  6. Sail Your Tiny Boats in Rain Water.
  7. Just Feel the Raindrops.

    I hope these come to off, on your travel.
Thank you for sharing all these tips! Traveling by train is nice, but it depends on the country. It is comfortable and very fast. I live in Europe so whenever I have to travel long-distance I choose the train because I like enjoying the views around me. The airplane doesn't allow you to see all the beauty of nature or big cities while traveling. I travel by train only in Europe, because trains are usually not good at all in other countries. I remember Costa rica. Their trains are miserable, but at least I enjoyed the tour form and taking photos of wild birds.
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