How can I get a one-night free stay in Shimla?

However, an overnight free stay in Shimla would usually get through taking advantage of promotions and discounts offered by hotels or winning such a hotel contest. However, you can take suggestions from Sheesh, founder of India's best tour operator HTO India Company, who has years of experience in traveling all over India. Here are a few suggestions:

Hotel Promotions and Loyalty Programs:
Look for special sales, especially in the off-season or festive campaigns on hotel websites or third-party booking portals.

Sign up for hotel loyalty programs; some of them provide services such as free nights after a particular number of stays.

Contests and Giveaways:
As contests and giveaways are regularly run on the social media accounts of hotels and travel platforms, follow them.

Engage in travel bloggers, companies’ or tourism boards run online contests that may offer free stays as prizes.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards:
The travel rewards or hotel points in some credit cards can be used to earn free stays. Is your credit card offered such benefits? If yes you have accumulated points, use them wisely.

Seasonal Discounts:
Utilise discounts and late reservations that hotels could grant during the off-season to fill empty rooms.

Hotel Openings or Launch Events:
During their opening period or launch events, hotels may give away free stays as a promotional tactic. Monitor announcements on the opening of new hotels in Shimla.

Review and Influencer Programs:
Some hotels enter into a partnerships with travel bloggers or influencers for marketing activities. If you have a travel blog or are very active on social media, one possibility would be to try contacting hotels for collaboration.

Local Events and Festivals:
In some cases of local events or festivals, hotels can provide some special offers or even packages that include free nights. Look for any upcoming events in Shimla that could take place during your travel period.

However, do pay attention to the terms of usage for any promotion or offer as you might want your trip plans and preferences that motivate this promotional opportunity to align. Remember that free stays are usually dependent on space and under certain limitations.