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I love in Spain and want to holiday next year in new York on my own.. what's the best way to do this.e.g hotels tec...thanks in advance...jane
Spain comes alive with festive customs and celebrations during the holidays, making for a wonderful vacation destination. Here are some suggestions for organizing a vacation to Spain:

1. Pick Your Time: Although Spain observes a number of holidays throughout the year, Christmas (Navidad), New Year's Eve (Nochevieja), and Easter (Semana Santa) are some of the most well-liked occasions to travel there. To make your visit more appropriate, familiarize yourself with the occasions and dates surrounding these holidays.

2. Visit Holiday Markets: Around the holidays, many Spanish cities host festive Christmas markets (Mercados de Navidad) where you can browse for presents, decorate your home, and eat and drink festively. Beautiful markets can be found in large cities like Madrid and Barcelona,
Attend Holiday Events: Spanish cities are renowned for their festive celebrations and customs. The impressive custom of the "Tió de Nadal," a Christmas log that "poops" presents, is something you can see in Barcelona. Join the locals in Madrid for the New Year's Eve countdown at Puerta del Sol and take part in the custom of eating 12 grapes at midnight.

4. Engage in Flamenco: During Semana Santa (Holy Week), which frequently features dramatic processions, you can engage in the passionate and traditional art of Flamenco in a number of cities. Look for flamenco performances or shows at nearby venues.

5. Indulge in Traditional Spanish Cuisine: The festive cuisine of Spain is a treat for the senses. Try classic dishes like "cordero" (roast), "roscón de reyes" (three-kings cake), and "turron" (nougat).