Here is the best ways to enjoy your Chicago to Los Angeles Road Trip


For enthusiastic drivers, historic Route 66 needs no introduction. Every road tripper or history buff fantasizes of traversing this road for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The legendary Route 66, which runs more than 2,000 miles across the heart of America from Chicago to Los Angeles, strikes a nostalgic chord with Americans, reminding them of simpler times. Route 66, dotted with gorgeous scenery and historical landmarks, entices you to take a detour to learn more. A precise plan of where to travel and what to see is still required for this days-long Chicago to Los Angeles road trip, and here it is!

To see all of the major attractions along Historic Route 66, allow at least two weeks.

Route 66 Fast Facts:
  • The year of founding was 1926.
  • The distance from Chicago to Los Angeles is 2,448 miles long. Route 66 passes through: 8
  • Illinois-Missouri-Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas-New Mexico-Arizona-California Route Map
  • Chicago is the starting place.
  • Los Angeles is the destination.

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