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Being one of the most charming capital cities in Asia where past, present and future are all bended so well in one single place, Hanoi truly deserves a several days stay. And, make sure you go these places to have best experience of Vietnam's capital city.

1. Ho Chi Minh complex, visiting his Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace and his old houses. The Mausoleum is where the body of the greatest president of Vietnam is kept in a glass coffin. The Presidential Palace is a beautiful French building that was originally built for the French General Governor of Indochina, later on Ho Chi Minh worked in the building.

2. One pillar pagoda: Built in the 11th century as a memorial to the Goddess of Mercy. The whole pagoda stands on a column

3. The temple of Literature: the once biggest education center of Vietnam and also the most beautiful temple in the country dedicated to Confucius- the founder of Confucianism.

4. Museum of Ethnology: Biggest one in town displaying exhibits and lives of 54 groups of people living in Vietnam

5. Old Quarter: Trading part of the city, most populated and flourish place in town. Thousands of tiny shops selling cheap things. Ideal to look for clothes, fake watches, fake Lacoste T-shirt and nice painting galleries. Every last 3 evening of the week, part of the Old Quarter is only for the pedestrians (traffic is banned). Local shops are the set up in the middle of the daytime-busy streets to sell local thing. Pretty good for going out having a look. Watch your language once you're here, just to be on the safe side.

6. Ngoc Son temple: A nice little temple dedicated to one of the 10 best generals in war history. The temple was built in the 18 century. Make sure you see a turtle (maintained in a glass coffin) to the small roof next to the temple, which used to be living in the water of the lake.

8. Cheap clothes and watches: Go to Hang Dao street (near the Sword Lake). This is where you can find a 4$ Lacost T-shirts or a 3$ Swiss watch. I'm sure they're not really bad comparing to a the genuin.

9. For a traffic experience? Spend around 3-4$/hour renting a cyclo, you will be cycled around the Old Quarter, be a part of the amazing traffic. After that, first thing you're gonna say is: I have survived.

10. Wanna taste a bit of the local culture? Go to cafe Lam (91 Nguyen Huu Huan street) where you taste nice Vietnamese coffee, but seeing the local is more interesting for those who expect)

11. Heard of the Water Puppet show? It originated in Vietnam and the ticket is about 2.5$ where you see 1 hour show of the stunning art takes place on the water. The Puppet theater is on the bank of the Sword Lake. Can't miss it


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The post shared here is nice ,impressive and written in well mannered way.Really Hanoi is a great tourist destination place.One of my friends also went for Vietnam tours recently and enjoyed a lot.

Now I am also thinking to plan a trip to Vietnam as soon as possible.

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Very well to have this thread about Hanoi and I think that this is really going to be visited once in a life to see the natural land escapes and historic building that was build for the different specific reasons. There are more historic places that should must be visited to experience beauty of them .
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I recently got a chance to visit Hanoi and was astounded by how much the city has to offer. There are more historic places that should must be visited to experience beauty of them. Anyways thanks for sharing your best experience.

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I agree with you entirely! Hanoi gives us many more amazing, wonderful experiences with a very affordable price, even totally FREE!

One typical activity is to walk along Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi, to find peace in our mind among the hustle, stressful life. We can help students learning English too by being open-minded and listening to the stories they told us about historical monuments around. Especially on weekend nights, this area and Old Quarter nearby are totally designated for pedestrians like us, when all vehicles are not allowed to go across these streets. Sparkling lights seem more vividly in the festive atmosphere of public performances in some special occasions.

Ho Chi Minh Complex, as you mentioned below, is also a worth-visiting destination. In Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, we pay respect to the chief, the first president and national hero of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh; visit the stilt house where he worked in difficult time. We also see traditional architecture of Vietnamese temples through the most unique one: One Pillar Pagoda.

And many CHEAP things to do in Hanoi is waiting for you to explore, such as riding a bike around West Lake, checking out authentic handicrafts in Hanoi Old Quarter or crossing Long Bien Bridge to contemplate the idyllic beauty of Red River...

With the low budget, we also have a nice experience in tasty dishes and beverages with Hanoi street food.


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The MOST famous and attractive destination of Vietnam you must see is Halong Bay !



Halong Bay locates in the North of Vietnam- just 156km away from Hanoi capital so the Halong Bay weather and Hanoi weather is similar. Both Hanoi and Halong Bay climate share the same typical humid & tropical monsoon weather. While the South of Vietnam has only two seasons (rain and dry season), Halong Bay has 4 seasons with its own weather features.
There are many things to take into consideration when choosing your Halong Bay Overnight Cruise or Halong Bay Bay Day Cruise throughout the year. For some people, being able to secure vacation time is a huge factor, often involving everything from striking deals with coworkers to finagling the right days off to balancing the children’s school schedules.
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Other people would rather focus on Mother Nature’s cycle of weather patterns. If you love the cold, the winter months are a great time to visit Halong Bay, whereas if swimming and sunshine are high up on your list of demands, a summer trip is in the cards.
It is nearly the end of the winter in March in Ha Long Bay, located in Vietnam, which has an average temperature of 20°C. Because of the warm average temperatures, you should be able to enjoy days out sightseeing, discovering the island and any outdoor activities, or go on a tour with halong bay overnight cruise.
Check the Local weather forecast for Halong Bay above, it is giving details on temperature, wind speed, rain, cloud, humidity, pressure and weather risk for Ha Long Bay including poor light, heavy rain, strong wind, frost, lightning, poor visibility and more.

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There’s a residential street in Hanoi local name: Hanoi Train Street, Vietnam that a speeding train passes straight through twice a day. The street is so narrow that all residents must ensure their bikes and precious personal belongings, as well as their roaming children, are all safely inside the house before the train passes. Disguised amidst the hectic, cramped streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter lies a funky little area, where motorbikes or even cars are no longer the biggest danger to locals stepping outside of their front door. They’re now replaced by high-speed trains, hurling through the residential street, just only feet away from people everyday lives including their dishes and laundry drying by the tracks, which all define the Hanoi Train Street
While discovering this unique Hanoi Train Street, for sure you will:
  • Be surprised by the peace, the normal attitude of locals here living next to the railways.
  • Be deeply immersed yourself in the local side of busy and exciting Hanoi
  • Take amazing pictures for the trip
Local life in Hanoi train street
Where is Hanoi train street ?
It’s one of the first places the train leaving Hanoi train station and heading South to Hue and Hoi An passes through, so if you’re on that train be sure to look out for it. Just don’t stick your head out the window if you want to arrive with your head still intact.
The train street certainly came into tourists’ curiosity via many social network channels, that is the reason urging tourists on the Hanoi Tours to hunt for it. The street is not dissimilar to the majority of the streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter are mixed from the slim, tall buildings with the bustling and narrow streets. However, tourists can easily find the differences between, that us a working railway track filling up space where the road should be. It is quite eerie as seeing the locals’ daily lives.
Hanoi Train street is located between Lê Duẩn and Khâm Thiên street in Hanoi’s old quarter.

hanoi train street map

How to get to Hanoi Train Street
Hanoi has many ways leading to the train streets, but we opted to watch the train pass from a slice of the street nearest the Old Quarter thus tourists could walk there. Hanoi train street lies on a narrow street between Kham Thien and Le Duan, exactly the lane passing along called Ngo 224 Le Duan. From Hanoi Old Quarter, it takes about 35-40 minutes to walk at a decent speed. In addition, you can try “xe om” (Grab bike) to get a ride there.
When is best time to visit Hanoi Train Street
There has two trains that run along this route daily, one at 3:30 pm and another one at 7:30 pm. To gain the best photograph, we choose the train at 3:30 pm for the daylight. It is conspicuous that to be safe, travelers should observe carefully to find a safe spot to watch from and a good view. The train usually comes from the South to the North, so you can decide where to watch from.
Hanoi Train Street Time Schedule
It is really important for all of us both local travelers or foreigners to get the right time here to see the train passing by in Hanoi Train Street. The train will only pass through this tiny street these times per day.
  • Mon – Friday
    7 pm; 7.45 pm; 8.30 pm; 10 pm
  • Weekend
    6 am; 9 am ; 11.20 am; 3.20 pm; 5.30 pm; 6 pm; 7 pm; 7.45 pm; 8.30 pm; 9 pm ; 11 pm
The schedule is not fixed and a 15-minute delay is usually expected. So you better arrive at least 30 minutes before the expected schedule to get a good viewing spot.
Wandering the street, enjoy the peaceful moment of Hanoi and take the most beautiful picture to keep your Hanoi memory. Maybe get a cup of coffee while waiting!
hanoi train street schedule hours

But how it feels when the train passing by?
“Suddenly we heard the train tooting its horn and coming flying in our direction…. we literally had to jump off the tracks and stand almost pinned against a wall.
Even the locals were making crazy hand movements, telling us to get back further which was a little scary. The train literally passed by within a few inches of us, as you can see from the angle of the video I took below!!” – shared by a tourist in Hanoi.

Hanoi train street safety

Hopefully, it goes without saying that these are legit trains, and not to be messed with. They will not and CANNOT stop if you overstay your time on the tracks. It’s never going to be worth the photo, so don’t be stupid.
Find a spot at the side of the track and let it pass by without putting anyone in danger (don’t do like some silly tourists we saw and stand in the middle of the track for as long as possible).

Best things to do in Hanoi Train Street

Enjoy Food & Drink on the Tracks!
There stands available coffee shops for those who are getting thirsty, named The Railway Cafe, located on the side of the train tracks. This is the best view ever to see the train where you can find a few chairs outside to meet other on-lookers. Besides the cafe, the train street has some places selling food, and fast food also. Therefore, you can grab a quick bite to eat or drink, right then watching the train pass.
Try Vietnamese coffee on Hanoi railway street
It will be a pity if you visit Hanoi without trying Hanoi or Vietnamese coffee. Coming Hanoi Train Street, you will not only have a chance to explore the daily life of local citizens but also can enjoy famous coffee of Vietnam in a special space and have a good view to the railway.

Besides the famous coffee shops, you can also find some souvenir shops in the street. Here you can buy cute handmade products or traditional and typical clothes of Vietnamese. Some for gifts and some just for keeping the memory of this one-of-a-kind place!

hanoi train street coffee shop

Find your best photos of this special “playground”

As much of a simple routine as train driving past mere inches away from the doorstep is for those living here, it’s a novelty for all foreign visitors. This unique Hanoi train street has become a favorite photo-taking spot of both local citizens and international tourists who are looking for an inspiration
“Street photography is always a challenge in many ways. You often can’t anticipate what happens next and sometimes you have a specific scene in your mind and then you wait until it occurs.
On the other hand, you often have to be very quick and take your picture before a special occasion has already passed and you have missed the best moment for a great picture.

Hanoi train street photos

Experience the Local Life
Life beside the tracks with local has no difference. The railway becomes their silent neighbor while the trains are “noisy guys”. It seems misfortune for these Hanoians when they have to live in such a dangerous place but throughout years getting used to it, this street is so special to them and even an important part in their life. Talk to them, spend time with them and these moments will leave you unforgettable memories.

Hanoi train street local life


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known for its centuries-old architecture and rich Southeast Asian, Chinese and French culture. At its core is the chaotic old town, with narrow streets roughly arranged by trade. There are many small temples, including Bachma, commemorating the legendary horse, plus the ĐồngXuân market, selling household items and street food.

Really its interesting place to visit and for holiday.
Once in my life i will went there.