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Mar 2, 2016
Next week, I have bussiness in Hanoi, Vietnam during a week, i have only 1 day break, i want to visit Halong Bay and enjoy cruise one night. Any recommendation about how to get halong bay from hanoi and what's best cruise in there.?
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Mar 9, 2016
If you want to travel around Halong with 1 day, i think it is impossiable beacuse you spend 4 hrs to Halong from Hanoi. Furthermore, the best way to explore Halong is cruise which you should overnight. Vietnam Tour Booking is travel agency which i booked tour for my family last year with Halong Charming Cruise. It's quite reasonable and good services.Beisdes you can find more at Tripadvisor and Lonelyplanet which can provide reviews and suitable itinerary for you Happy travels!


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Mar 19, 2012
From Hanoi to Halong bay, you can combination between excellent Hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter and Indochina Junk. Get friendly Pick-up from Hanoi airport, pamper yourselves in an elegant hotel in the heart of the city center and Sail with tranquil sound of Bai Tu Long Bay wind and water….
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Halong Bay locates in the North of Vietnam- just 156km away from Hanoi capital so the Halong Bay weather and Hanoi weather is similar. Both Hanoi and Halong Bay climate share the same typical humid & tropical monsoon weather. While the South of Vietnam has only two seasons (rain and dry season), Halong Bay has 4 seasons with its own weather features.
There are many things to take into consideration when choosing your Halong Bay Overnight Cruise or Halong Bay Bay Day Cruise throughout the year. For some people, being able to secure vacation time is a huge factor, often involving everything from striking deals with coworkers to finagling the right days off to balancing the children’s school schedules.
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Other people would rather focus on Mother Nature’s cycle of weather patterns. If you love the cold, the winter months are a great time to visit Halong Bay, whereas if swimming and sunshine are high up on your list of demands, a summer trip is in the cards.
It is nearly the end of the winter in March in Ha Long Bay, located in Vietnam, which has an average temperature of 20°C. Because of the warm average temperatures, you should be able to enjoy days out sightseeing, discovering the island and any outdoor activities, or go on a tour with halong bay overnight cruise.
Check the Local weather forecast for Halong Bay above, it is giving details on temperature, wind speed, rain, cloud, humidity, pressure and weather risk for Ha Long Bay including poor light, heavy rain, strong wind, frost, lightning, poor visibility and more.
You might want to know more information about destinations to visit near by Halong Bay: Cat Ba IslandCat Ba National ParkBai Tu Long BayLan Ha BayMua Caves Ninh BinhMua Caves TourHoa Lu Ancient Capital – Bich Dong Pagoda …all you need to know before deciding to book a Vietnam Package Tours.

Halong Bay weather by months:

halong bay weather in December, best weather for halong bay

Halong Bay weather in December
This is largely due to Christmas and New Year holiday that most of you will have. Although the weather is cold, this is a really wonderful time for travelers to visit Halong Bay. Consider bringing a cardigan and a jacket with you, just in case some of those chilly December days turn up while you’re there. Pack swimsuit and sun cream! Even if the air feels cool, the sun is still very strong and it’s easy to get skin burned if you aren’t careful. Find our halong bay weather and when is best time to visit halong bay ? We also recommend bringing a jumper or light rain jacket in case a shower blows through when you go on halong bay overnight cruise trip.

Halong bay weather in november, halong bay vietnam from flycam

Halong Bay weather in November
Halong Bay weather in November often witnesses a marked change in weather pattern. In early November, tourists can still enjoy the cool autumn breeze with bright sun. The rest of the month, however, may see a switch to colder wind blow. The monsoons may occur with the increasing frequency and humidity drops significantly. Rainfall: Halong Bay weather coming out of the stormy summer months, Autumn generally brings a break in the clouds. However, it seems like to start being drier with an average of 29.7 mm of rainfall. Sunlight: A seasonal average of 7.7 hours of direct sunlight each day. Humidity: Humidity levels drop significantly as we move away from summer and shift into winter mode, with averages around 75%.

halong bay weather in october, cozy bay cruise

Halong Bay weather in October
In Vietnam in general and in Halong Bay in particular, October is considered as one of the most stunning times in the year. The autumn weather with cool breezes and pleasant sunshine is a wonderful condition to take a tour to halong Bay. The average temperature decreases to 240C at night and 280C during daytime. Average humidity is around 72% and the rainfall levels at 600mm. In the last days of the month, the weather may be chilly and the northeastern monsoon may occur. However, this is still plenty of good time to enjoy nice weather before the cold winter arrives. Halong bay weather in October is cooler and more pleasant, cool and fresh breezes blow more frequently, particularly, good for kayaking, swimming, hiking,
halong bay weather in September, halong bay weather, cozy vietnam travel

Halong Bay weather in September
The period from June to September is considered as storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Tropical storm and typhoon in Halong Bay (July – September). Summer is the time when tropical storms break out in the area and bring heavy rainfall. The period from June to September is considered as storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Most of the time, storms and typhoons are rather small, short in time and then considered harmless.

halong bay weather in August, halong bay cruise

Halong Bay weather in August
In the early morning, standing on the sundeck and watching the unfurled sails on the sea, you will feel like the blue sky and sea merge into one like an amazing watercolor painting of the sea.
In the evening, release your soul in a melodious music under the fanciful moonlight on the bay and enjoy the silence of the sea to completely immerse yourself in the nature. Halong Bay Weather in August, one of the best time to visit Halong Bay
halong bay weather in july 2019

Halong Bay weather in July
The warm Halong Bay weather in July are great for enjoying swimming at the beach, or other water-based activities like snorkeling and kayaking. July is part of Halong Bay’s off-peak season, so visitors can expect to be among fewer tourists than usual this month. Don’t bother packing any warm clothes, you won’t need them! Bring a swimsuit, you’ll relish the chance to cool down in the water.
halong bay weather in June

Halong bay weather in June
Can be hot and humidity for westerners but Halong during this time is very charming with crystal clear sky and emerald water.
There can be some light rain but overall, you can expect a lot of direct sunlight. If you want to enjoy a clear view of the bay, especially from the top view point, this is the best time to visit Halong bay. There will be more time for swimming, kayaking, and other water activities than in the fall and winter.
halong bay weather in May, halong bay vietnam

Halong bay weather in May
Halong bay weather in May: The New Beginnings: Halong bay weather in May is not hot yet average of 24°C but it will be more likely to rain especially during March. Humidity will start to increase during this time. However, the weather is still pleasant and there is more sunlight for outdoor activities such as swimming and kayaking in the day time.
halong bay weather in april, halong bay overnight cruise

Halong Bay weather in April
Halong Bay weather in April, Temperatures start off cooler towards the beginning of the month, then gradually rise to about 23 degrees Celsius as summer approaches, so it becomes one of the best weather for an independent vacation. When it’s not too cold, not too hot, will add much to your enjoyment of the bay.

halong bay weather in March, halong bay tours

Halong Bay weather in March
March sees a gradual increase in temperatures compared to the winter months, from 19 to around 22 degrees Celsius. However, as the number of rainy days begins to increase, humidity levels will also rise slightly. There are usually 6 hours of sunlight, especially from noon time, which is perfect for enjoying a scenic seaplane flight over the bay.

halong bay weather in February, halong bay overnight cruise

Halong Bay weather in February
Halong Bay weather in February is quite cold and misty. Because spring weather often brings rainy skies and drizzle, avoid wearing white as the streets in Vietnam can get muddy at times. The temperature in spring also drops to about 15 Celsius. Late spring is the start of the wettest season of the year in Halong Bay, with occasional drizzle and mist. While great for trees and plants, the weather does have its drawbacks for tourists.

halong bay weather in January morning time

Halong Bay weather in January
Halong Bay weather in January ? The temperature in spring also drops to about 12 Celsius. Late spring is the start of the wettest season of the year in Halong Bay, with occasional drizzle and mist. While great for trees and plants, the weather does have its drawbacks for tourists.

When is best time to visit Halong Bay ?


September to November is the best time of year and peak season to visit Halong Bay, thanks to its pleasant weather. The humidity level drops considerably and the temperature is around 13°C-21°C. There is less rainfall during this period of time. However, you can expect cloudy weather toward the end of December. However, the best time to visit Halong bay in the Spring (from March to May) and the Autumn (from September to November), the Halong bay weather is really cool, not too hot and not too cold. It is perfect for a Halong bay Overnight Cruise or Halong Bay Day Cruise

When is peak season of Halong Bay Tours ?

Anytime is a great time to visit Halong Bay but some months receive more visitors than the others. The peak season falls on December and January – the months that coincide with Christmas and New Year break. Other months that also see busy lines of travelers include October, November, February, March and April. During these months, the weather is beautiful and most suitable to visit Halong Bay.

when is off season of Halong Bay Tours ?

The period from May to September is often considered a low season for international travelers in Halong Bay. Besides the glowing sun – which makes it perfect for water based activities, the uncrowded beach and various cruise promotions are all attractive reasons for you to plan your tour to halong bay around this time of the year.

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