Golden visa

The application process takes approximately 40 days from the time of investment until the Residency Permit is issued. The applicant needs to have made the property investment in Greece prior to applying for the visa. Once a property has been selected through ourselves at La Vida, the lawyers who we recommend can take care of the application process, conveyancing and legal work for the property.
A typical application involves initial discussion with ourselves followed by a 3 or 4 day visit to Greece to view properties, meet with lawyers and open a bank account.
Headed to Golden Meadow this weekend. Gonna be a do-it-yourself trip with about 10 guys and 5 boats. I personally have never done this before, went with a guide once to Lafitte. Just trying to get a report on how the reds and specks have been biting?
thanks for any info
My sister is coming to visit for 10 days at the end of June. I have heard about the Easy Visa that a tourist can get on arrival at Jacksons airport if they are staying under one month. I am going to ring the airport and customs tomorrow, but if anyone has any information or has actually got this visa recently, can you please post details?