Germany's Brandenburg and Interesting Things to Do


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When Berlin was divided, the symbolic gate took on a unique significance in history. Need additional information about the monument?

Delve into the Brandenburg capital​

A popular destination for travelers in the state capital of Brandenburg is Sanssouci Palace. However, the city also features a great number of other appealing and well-liked tourist attractions. There are numerous important places in Potsdam. Berlin's Brandenburg Gate and St. Nicholas Church are both present.
After World War II bombing severely destroyed the church, they were painstakingly reconstructed. Another significant location is the Lindenstrabe Memorial Site. Before, it served as a Nazi jail. It was eventually employed by the Russian secret agency and the Statsi. The jail is a physical representation of the suffering and complaints that the inmates endured under the Nazi rule.

Feel the unique exquisiteness of Sanssouci Palace and Gardens​

Potsdam is adorned with the beauty of itself. This palace is sometimes referred to as Versailles of Germany. In 1745, it was built as a welcoming summer residence for King Frederick the Great of Prussia. Even though the palace is smaller than its French twin, it yet exudes the same majesty and beauty. The Sanssouci and Neues Palaces make up the collection of structures. Additionally, there are 600 acres of lush parks on the royal grounds. a photo collection, sculptures, temples, and monuments.

Visitors may easily spend a day here and enjoy the opulence of the tempting rooms, gardens, and parks.


Relax under palm trees of Tropical Islands​

You might be perplexed by how someone living in Brandenburg, Germany, can encounter palm trees, waterfalls, and humidity. Surprisingly, you may find them all in one unique location in Brandenburg. The Tropical Islands Resort was constructed with Balinese design elements. It may be found one hour's drive south of Berlin. The indoor pool has water slides, other pools, a luxurious spa, lush greenery, hammocks, and an old airplane hangar. There is also lodging available for overnight stays. So, if you've had enough of Brandenburg's very cold winter days, this is the place you should go.

Take a calm tour about the KZ Sachsenhausen​

The public is reminded of the wonderful memories of the Third Reich through the monuments, memorial sites, and internment camps located throughout Europe. The purpose of keeping them on display in public is to emphasize to the next generation not to repeat the past. During the Nazi period, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp was utilized. The camp was the first one to be created since it is close to Berlin (just 40 km south). The camp has been used by the SS as a training ground. Ironically, the Soviet Union utilized the camp to house Nazi prisoners of war.


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