From Suffolk’s Atlantis to Robin Hood Way: seven epic UK walks – and where to stay


Oliver Smith

Soaring sea stacks, iron age ridgeways … Britain is an adventure playground of stunning, storied walking routes – and the best have brilliant hotels en route

The Suffolk coast path around Dunwich, 5 miles
Dunwich was one of England’s mightiest ports – a rival to London until the 14th century, when storms swept the town out to sea. Today, it’s a little village on a pebbly beach, with a ruined priory in which you might ponder Suffolk’s Atlantis. A walk heads south from the village along country lanes to the National Trust’s Dunwich Heath – where coastguard cottages rise over lapping tides. Return inland through the heath on the Suffolk coast path – look out for rare Dartford warblers and nightjars among the heather and gorse. The Ship at Dunwich hotel has details of the walk online.

Put weary feet up at Corton Coastal Village, a postcard-worthy holiday village of charming clapboard chalets facing out to sea, 35 minutes’ drive north of Dunwich.

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