Free Virtual Guided Tours Around St Petersburg Russia

To be honest, I really hope that your in-home routine goes well and you are in great health, both physical and mental. I also assume that many travelling plans are ruined already, and many of you who had a plan to visit Saint Petersburg in summer 2020 will not be able to do that due to the pandemics.

Thereby, there is one exciting thing I'd like to offer you. A friend of mine launched a travel blog if I can say, or probably to be more accurate – virtual sightseeing tours. So from now on you can freely explore Saint Petersburg online, simply by visiting this page or directly subscribing to her Youtube channel. There will be the most interesting facts and beautiful St Petersburg sights as you’d be on a real-life.

It will be fun! I really hope you enjoy this idea, as frankly we’re a bit nervous. It is her first experience of such a kind.

Stay tuned. Be healthy, and let’s hope you manage to see Saint Petersburg offline as well :)

Here is the first video >