Food and Wine Tours

Every city of Italy has its own taste and culture which makes a different and memorable food experience. One of the best wines in the world can be tasted in Italy. Italy luxury tours very well know about regional food & wine hence we have composed an Italian Food & Wine Tours. To know more in detail about our package check our website or book your tour today!
During my first trip, I fell in love with Parma's gastronomic tradition. It is evident from making two more trips to this gastronomic Emilia-Romagna city that you want to sample and enjoy its best cuisine. I had to share the deliciousness and the experience I had with other aficionados.
Cheap Restaurants in Parma
I'm having Pesto di Cavallo Crudo, Pepèn's signature dish. I'm eating raw horse meat with homemade mayo, in other words. This meal might be one of Parma's most intriguing cheap appetizers.
you can got many foods and enjoy with above guidance.