Favorable air operators in Kazakhstan


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Did you know that you can travel several times in a season ?!
You can do this by purchasing a cheap air ticket. The price may depend on the day of the week, the season of departure, the number of days before departure and many other aspects. Below you will find some tips on how to buy a ticket at a low price.

1) You should look for tickets at night or in the morning, since prices at this time are much lower than during the day.
2) See tickets for the nearest dates. ± 3 days from the date of interest. You can also use the calendar of low prices.
3) You will have a very big opportunity to save money if you buy a ticket 2 months before departure. If you are planning a summer vacation, it will be more profitable to purchase a ticket in December.
4) Most airlines have a convenient function of sending information about promotions and offers. Subscribe to it and you will regularly receive up-to-date information that will allow you to save.
5) You can buy tickets with a departure or arrival in the middle of the week. Most often, expensive tickets are sold on holidays and weekends, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
6) It is also logical that tickets with a departure in the daytime are more expensive than tickets with a departure in the morning or at night.
7) Fly in spring and autumn. At this time less people travel, that is, prices will be much lower.
8) It is profitable to buy air tickets in both directions at once. Since a one-way ticket can cost more.
9) You will save a decent amount if you fly with transfers. Fly the same company with a transfer, always look at the duration of the flight.
10) Use low-cost airlines. Low-cost companies engaged in air transportation of passengers. They can always find cheap flights. You can also reduce the price without paying extra for luggage and meals.
11) Use search engines for tickets. They find all the options for the distribution, you only need to choose the appropriate option. Thus, the search engine and is Amid Travel. You can buy a ticket from your phone. You just need to fill in the city of departure and arrival, select the dates and https://amid.kz/ will show you all the possible options. Convenient, fast and safe!