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If you want to see art, culture, and beauty residing in one place, Aurangabad needs to be in your list of must-visit places. The ancient town in Maharashtra is home to the hugely popular Ajanta and Ellora Caves which is one of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.

Since the site is so famous, Indiator brings to you an array of interesting Aurangabad tour packages that you can book in order to explore the historical town in the company of a skilled and knowledgeable tour guide who will be providing you with insightful information on the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Not only do we provide you with a chance to explore the monolithic rock-cut art of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves but we also take you to some other interesting places in Aurangabad like Bibi Ka Maqbara and Daulatabad Fort.

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popular heritage sites in Aurangabad include the Bibi Ka Maqbara, a beautiful mausoleum that was built by Emperor Aurangzeb in memory of his wife, and the Aurangabad Caves, a group of 12 Buddhist caves that date back to the 6th and 7th centuries AD.
Aurangabad is a historical city located in the state of Maharashtra, India. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The heritage town of Aurangabad is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and people who want to explore the architectural marvels of India.

Here are some of the top attractions and things to do in the heritage town of Aurangabad:

  1. Ajanta and Ellora Caves: These are a group of rock-cut caves that date back to the 2nd century BCE to 6th century CE. The caves are known for their beautiful frescoes, sculptures, and carvings depicting the life of Lord Buddha and other deities. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are a must-visit attraction in Aurangabad.
  2. Bibi ka Maqbara: Also known as the Taj of the Deccan, Bibi ka Maqbara is a mausoleum built by Prince Azam Shah in memory of his mother, Dilras Banu Begum. The monument is an imitation of the Taj Mahal and is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture.
  3. Panchakki: Panchakki is a water mill that was built during the Mughal era. The mill was used to grind grains for the pilgrims who visited the nearby dargah of Baba Shah Muzaffar. The architecture of the Panchakki is an excellent example of the Mughal era engineering.
  4. Daulatabad Fort: Daulatabad Fort is a 14th-century fort that was built by the Yadava dynasty. The fort has a unique design and is known for its intricate defense systems, including a complex maze and a deep moat. The fort was later conquered by the Mughals and served as their capital for a brief period.
  5. Aurangabad Caves: The Aurangabad Caves are a group of 12 rock-cut Buddhist caves that date back to the 6th century. The caves are known for their intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures depicting the life of Lord Buddha.
  6. Bhadra Maruti Temple: The Bhadra Maruti Temple is a popular Hindu temple located in Aurangabad. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere.
  7. Shopping: Aurangabad is famous for its silk and cotton textiles, Paithani sarees, and Himroo shawls. Visitors can explore the local markets and bazaars to shop for these traditional items.
In conclusion, the heritage town of Aurangabad is a must-visit destination for people who want to explore the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of India. With its beautiful monuments, temples, and caves, Aurangabad offers a unique blend of history and architecture that is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.