‘Even the car park is idyllic’: 10 of the best UK farm shops chosen by readers

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Your picks take in fresh local fare from the Hebrides to Cornwall with many having great eating areas and fun farm activities

From the fairy farm trail, to watching the cows being milked while you tuck into a homemade yorkshire pudding roast wrap, Low Sizergh Barn south of Kendal is just the best. We live locally and love visiting to shop, eat and enjoy a lazy day walking around the area, whether it’s in shorts and T-shirts to head-to-toe waterproofs when the Cumbrian heavens open. With mental health charity Growing Well on site supplying the shop, Sizergh Barn even contributes to improving the health of the local population. We have an allotment and love the fact Low Sizergh Barn can swap our surplus stock for coupons. I love the place and all it represents. It’s makes me happy and positive about the future whenever I visit.
Katie W

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