Discover the unseen Vietnam with a local trekking specialist.


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Discover the unseen Vietnam with a local trekking specialist.

Hiking Tours Vietnam is a Golden Trail Travel's theme site is designed for those who love hiking, trekking in Vietnam. The website is fully managed by our Vietnam trekking team.

Hiking in Vietnam reveals a land of diverse contracts, beautiful scenery, friendly people and rich ethnic culture. The most popular destinations for jungle trekking Vietnam are located in the northern Vietnam such as Sapa, Mai Chau, Cao Bang, Ha Giang. Dalat, Kon Tum, Pleiku in the central highlands can also be good places for authentic Vietnam hiking.

The best time for trekking north Vietnam, trekking Sapa Vietnam is during their dry season, October through April, when skies are clear and the temperatures mild. To plan your best hiking in Vietnam, contact your true specialist today.
It's cool to hear that bringing your ride from Namibia to Montevideo and then to Argentina was a breeze for you. Your story really clears up the whole import thing.

I'm surprised at how simple it all sounds, especially with the little paperwork needed. It's nice to know that even without all the fancy licenses and registrations, you sailed through with just your German stuff.

Your advice about being the owner and main driver, plus the tip on grabbing those international licenses and registration books, could save some serious headaches for anyone planning a similar trip. And knowing about the exchange rate and fuel costs is handy too.

Sounds like you had a smooth ride overall, which is pretty encouraging for anyone eyeing up a similar journey. Thanks for sharing.