Detailed information on LAX Terminals?


Los Angeles International Airport in California, one of the largest and busiest international airports in the United States, is a significant entry point into the nation. The LAX airport is one of the busiest in the US and the world, with thousands of international aircraft arriving and departing each year from diverse locations around the globe.

Information about the Los Angeles International Airport: LAX
  • Establishment Year: 1928
  • Covered Area: 3,500 acres
  • Westchester, California; Los Angeles, California
  • 9 terminals total.
  • There are four runways.
Los Angeles International Airport: Terminal Guide


Terminal 1

Gates: 9 to 18 B

Terminal 2

Gates: 20 to 28

Terminal 3

Gates: 30 to 39

Terminal 4

Gates: 40 to 49

Terminal 5

Gates: 50 to 59

Terminal 6

Gates: 60 to 69

Terminal 7

Gates: 70 to 77

Terminal 8

Gates: 80 to 86

Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Gates: 130 to 159

Can anyone add more details to this information that would be helpful?