Cramping after flights?


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Quick question. My gf has been complaining of leg pain in both legs since arriving in Bangkok. We had 2 7hours flights before arriving and after our first flight she began saying she felt pain in her leg that was similar to a bad muscle cramp. It's now 24 hours later and she is still having pain in both legs. I too had sore legs / stiffness that lasted a while for some reason. Not something ive ever experienced before but for me it's not a concern as they felt much better after a good sleep.

Can anyone offer any advice? She's been reading stuff online that has scared her a little and she's unsure if she should see a doctor or ignore it.

We are scheduled to fly to Bali Monday so would like make sure she's safe to travel.

She has no history of blood clots, is not pregnant nor obese etc I also cannot see any noticeable swelling in either of her legs.
Hi Phoeobe22,

I'm not qualified to give medical advice. But this could be DVT from the flight. If I was you, I would see a doctor soon, and before taking another flight.
I used to get really bad cramping during flights and train journeys. Like itd be hard to walk to places the next day. I'm not sure if this is what your wife is going through, but I suggest that you get her to add more protein in her diet. I started taking amino acid supplements (these ones I think before and while travelling. You don't really have to supplement though, your wife can just start eating more of foods like broccoli, chicken or lentils. Doing this had helped my cramping and muscle stiffness a lot. I know its weird but I figured its worth a try.
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