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We offer assistance in obtaining a residence permit, Passports and second citizenship of the European Union, USA, Canada, Great Britain,Australia

We define goals and objectives. For the results obtained, we offer options for immigration to the USA, Canada, the European Union, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Australia

Programs for which it is possible to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) and permanent residence (permanent residence)
Citizenship. All jurisdictions are not blacklisted.

Other opportunities
Poland from 35 000 eu 9 months
Slovakia from 22 000 eu 12 months
Belgium from 55 000 eu 9 months investment in funds
Portugal from 12 000 eu from 7 months
Ireland + UK from 206 000 eu from 12 months.
Bulgaria 12 000 eu
Romania 10 000 eu
permit / residency programs. Buying real estate, residential / commercial.

Greece from 250,000 eu 3-6 months
Spain from 500,000 eu 1.5-2 months
Portugal from 500,000 eu 3-5 months
Malta from 250,000 eu Government bonds from 3 months
Latvia from 250,000 eu 2.5 months
Cyprus from 330,000 eu 3 month
Switzerland from 400,000 eu 2 months
Great Britain from 200,000 eu 3 months
USA from 900,000 ue Citizenship 5-7 years
UAE (residence permit) 2 years from 274,000 us, for 5 years 1,370,000 us

Citizenship / Passport: Government bonds, government funds, real estate.

Cyprus from 2,000,000 eu 6-9 months
Malta from 750,000 eu 3-6 months State Fund
Montenegro from 350,000 eu 3-6 months
Turkey from 250,000 eu 2-3 months (it is possible to immigrate to the USA on an E2 investment visa)
Saint Kitts and Nevis from 150 000 cu 3-6 months
Antigua and Barbuda from 100 000 cu 3-6 months
Grenada from 150 000 cu 2-4 months (it is possible to immigrate to the USA on a business visa E2)
Saint Lucia from 100 000 cu 2 -6 months
Dominica from 100 000 ye 2-6 months
Vanuatu from 130 000 ye from 2-4 months

For example, Turkish citizenship (from $ 250,000 real estate or Grenada from $ 150,000) obtain citizenship and then you can leave for the USA or Great Britain on a business visa + EU visa-free
----------------- ------------------------
Visa-free entry to Europe / Schengen, Australia, China, Canada, UK.
Education in universities in Europe.
Medicine and employment. Everything is official.
Banking offshore.
Own business abroad.
Passive income

How else can you move!?

Citizenship of the European Union.
Government bonds, bonds.
Real estate.
Socially significant projects and job creation.
Opening or buying a business.
Visas EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-5

We also help in the host country to adapt to local conditions.

Obtaining the necessary documents, registration in social organizations (work, school, kindergarten)

Parents, children, grandparents can be transported with you (in some jurisdictions)
Visa-free entry to the Schengen countries.
Citizenship of the Caribbean states (obtaining 4 months / from $ 100,000) gives the right to visa-free entry to the UK, Australia, the European Union. Carrib citizenship does not imply knowledge of the local language and permanent residence in the jurisdiction.

What does second citizenship give? Advantages:
"Alternate airfield" for the immigrant and the whole family.
Education, EU and US accessibility.
Medicine and insurance.
Pension and wages - EU, USA, Canada.
The ability to travel without a visa around the planet. Reliable banks and economy. Confidence in the future.
Possibility of attracting foreign capital.

Real estate approved by state programs.

Catalog of real estate in Portugal, Greece, Malta, Spain, Cyprus under the Golden Visa program.

Golden Visa is a simplified and accelerated version of the EU residence permit. Leading the way to accelerated citizenship. As part of the purchase of real estate.
For example, with Turkish citizenship, the term of obtaining 2 months / purchase of real estate from $ 250,000 for 3 years. (It is possible to rent it out at 3-6% per annum) get a business visa to the UK and the USA with further residence.

Caribbean countries. European Union. North America, South America. Asia, Australia.

USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, Austria, Malta, Estonia, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanuatu and others.

We do issue visas separately and do extend them.

Step-by-step payment. Prepayment. We do make discounts depending on the situation.
These are all legal services irrespective of the fact that it was posted here.We are Just looking for clients irrespective of where they are found
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