Choosing The Best Paragliding Site For Your Adventure Trip


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People seeking adventure can travel to any corner of the world to find something that pumps up their energy levels. A variety of adventure activities that are popular in different parts of the world also attract a large number of tourists every year. That being said, paragliding is one of the most sought after adventure activities that see adrenaline junkies flock to the paragliding sites in large numbers.
This blog post sheds light on the best paragliding sites for adventure seekers.

Paragliding Is A Feeling Of Accomplishment
The first paragliding flight is always a memorable one. There is no better feeling than having nothing beneath your feet and clouds as your companion. To make the memories of your paragliding adventure stay with you for a lifetime, it is important to choose the right destination to fly. However, choosing the paragliding site is not as simple as it looks.

A paragliding site is always going to be located on some exotic location i.e. on a hilltop or somewhere in the valleys. Still, flying enthusiasts travel to those spots to accomplish their dream of flying and make everlasting memories.

Safety and adventure sports go hand in hand, for more details read here: Understanding The Safety Measures For Tandem Paragliding Flights
Tandem Paragliding in Tenerife
Tandem Pargliding in Tenerife
Below are the common features of an ideal paragliding site: Safety and adventure sports go hand in hand, for more details read this:
Located on a height
As paragliding is an aerial excursion, it requires a powerful liftoff to soar into the skies. Hence, paragliding sites are mostly found on high altitudes that serves as a perfect launching pad for the journey. Most of these locations are accessible through paragliding companies that operate in those areas and take the tourists on tandem flight journeys.
Admirable views
Since the sites are located at a distance from the cities or towns, they offer some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding areas. Tourists get mesmerized with surreal landscapes in the neighborhood. The views only get better when you are on a paragliding flight.
Weather Conditions
Weather plays a critical role in a paragliding flight. Since the paragliding sites are located at some height, the conditions are almost the same. Wind speed and directions contribute to the successful completion of a paragliding flight. Ideal flying conditions are in summer when the air is dry and thermal currents are easily formed to support the paraglider. Winter also sees a huge footfall as people who want to experience the thrill flock to these locations. Most sites have friendly weather conditions throughout the year so paragliding is always on. The only exception is the rainy season when it is recommended not to fly.

Kangaroo Tandem Is Your Paragliding Companion In Tenerife
Tenerife has popular paragliding sites where tourists from all parts of the world travel for tandem paragliding flights. Our professionals take tourists on paragliding from Taucho, Ifonche, and El Teide National Park.

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Andaman Nicobar Islands in India will satiate the adrenalin pull of the adventure-seeking souls. I was having summer vacation in Andaman Nicobar, the group of mysterious islands in India. I was an adventure seeker. With the different water activities to enjoy the marine marvels of Andaman, the place is my dream destination. One activity enjoyed and look forward to was paragliding. The feel of the sea breeze and beautiful enchanting sea below was a vision to behold. I reached this beautiful islands with the cheap tour package. But the visit was my lifetime experience.
If you're going to Turkey, you should try paragliding in Oludeniz. The harbor of Oludeniz may be the best in the Mediterranean for postcard-worthy shorelines. To understand why all you have to do is strap into a glider and plunge from the summit of Mount Babada. While the beautiful Taurus mountains stretch to the horizon, stark white sands contrast dramatically with the Med's fantastic blue-green hues. After all of that adrenaline, relax at Jade Residence, a beachfront hotel where you can watch other daredevils take to the sky. If you're in Turkey, you must visit Istanbul at night.