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I guess some may believe places in Ukraine as a post soviet country may be lacking in terms of services. But in fact Ukraine will surprise you and in a good way. Sure you can some across some trashy places, but you can find those in any country. Actually recently I just returned from my trip to Kiev. I stayed there in Lybid, a 3 star hotel ( ). The price is pretty much the same as for a pretty decent apartment on My stay there was wonderful, tasty breakfast, a nice room, though it would be better if the hotel was situated not so far away from the downtown


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It's true. There are a lot of places and cities to visit in Ukraine. Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa. Cheap and tasty food, variety of traditions. It's cool!

If you are going to Ukraine, remember about covid rules. Check welcome Ukraine website or ask them for a consultation. Don't forget about health insurance. It is so important during pandemic.
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