‘Checking the tides is essential’: top tips for safe paddleboarding


Helene Dancer

The popularity of paddleboarding has grown rapidly in the past 12 months – but while it may look easy, it’s vital that you know how to take to the water safely

Once a niche activity, paddleboarding (also called stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP) is now one of the UK’s fastest-growing water sports. In 2020, paddleboard manufacturer Red Paddle Co recorded a 300% rise in sales and enquiries. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, SUP has captured the imagination of people looking for a sport that’s socially distanced and affordable, fosters a sense of wellness by being immersed in nature, and offers a way to enjoy the scenery from a whole new perspective. Enthusiasts are also using paddleboarding as a platform to raise awareness of environmental concerns.

Paddleboarders may make it look effortless as they cut elegantly across the water, but it’s essential that everyone learns how to take up the sport safely. Here, three paddleboarders share their SUP stories and safety tips …

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