Cactus yoga or rock climbing challenge?

Elsie Young

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Forget Coachella, I was on a mission to Joshua Tree National Park – and this wasn't your average poolside Palm Springs vacation. With the park a mere two-hour drive from Palm Springs, I blasted my desert-themed playlist and hit the gas.

Cactus yoga or rock climbing challenge.jpg
Starting rock climbing. Now, I'm no Alex Honnold, but the park boasts some incredible climbing routes, from beginner-friendly slabs to heart-stopping overhangs. Geared up and feeling slightly intimidated, I headed to the Jumbo Rocks Climbing Area.

There, I met a group of fellow climbers who, after witnessing my initial struggle to clip into my harness (it's a two-person job, people!), offered some helpful pointers. Two hours later, with shaky legs and a newfound respect for rock climbers everywhere, I managed to conquer a 20-foot wall.

Cactus yoga or rock climbing challenge (2).jpg

Bonus funny moment: While basking in my climbing glory, a mischievous raven swooped down and snatched my granola bar right out of my hand.

As the desert sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues, I knew this solo trip had been more than just cactus yoga or conquering a rock wall. It was a journey of self-discovery, sprinkled with a dash of desert humor and a whole lot of unforgettable memories.

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