Best Resorts In Calangute Goa



These are some of the best resorts you visit on travel to Calangute Goa

  • Andores Resort & spa - Calangute Goa

  • Shanthi morada - Calangute Goa

  • Chalston Beach Resort - Calangute Goa



Looking for the best resorts in Calangute Goa, then visit Which is located in Khobra-waddo, Calangute Goa – 403516 India. It is one of the best luxury resorts in this place.
Calangute is the most charming town in North Goa and has always been the main source of solicitation and income for the tourism industry in Goa. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and attracts domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the overall travel experience, the town also offers excellent accommodation options. These gorgeous resorts in Calangute will bring you a wonderful holiday experience.