Best Resorts and Hotels For Weekend


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Get best deals for resorts and hotels in New Delhi. There are times when city life takes a toll on you and you look for is that ideal place where you can just chill and do nothing. Village and farm adventure in Pratapgarh Farms is that one place. Visit Resorts Near Delhi for packages.
Rann Riders is a desi resort with a feel of Gujarati village to it, with a touch of modern amenities. Over the years, it has proven out to be a hot choice among the best resorts around Ahmedabad. This eco-resort is set among the wetlands and agricultural fields of Dasada Village. It explores the culture and traditions of Gujarat.

Resort also provides some activities like Horse Safari, Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Gujarati Cuisine, Handicraft Hub And Many More.

Visit and enjoy with your friends and family!