Are there good restaurants near Bangalore international airport?

You may have experienced hunger pangs on your long-haul flight from the United States to India. Yes, most airlines serve a light meal about 2 hours before landing, but everyone's hunger patterns are unique, aren't they? Sometimes your stomach seems to growl even louder when your mind is aware that you need to take a connecting flight to your final destination, which means you have to wait a couple of hours longer to fulfil your hunger.
Whatever the reason, before returning home/hotel, you decide to eat something to keep your body fuelled and prepared for the next connecting flight from Bangalore, you should be aware of these five best restaurants near Bangalore Airport.
  1. Cafe 77 East
  2. Indian Paratha Company
  3. Tamarind
  4. Samosa Singh
  5. Nandi Upachar
As soon as you arrive in the city, you can head to one of these restaurants near Bangalore Airport and enjoy a delicious meal. Have you reserved your Bengaluru flights yet? Indian Eagle has the best flight deals, so book your tickets now!