Are there any charming towns worth stopping by in New Jersey?

Elsie Young

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Atlantic City's got glitz and the Jersey Shore boasts epic beaches, but there's a whole other side to the state waiting to be explored.

Let me tell you about my adventure last summer. I rented a beat-up Jeep for a steal and spent a week traversing the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Think Appalachian mountains, folks – lush forests laced with almost 200 miles of hiking trails. I spent days conquering Mount Tammany, the highest point in the Kittatinny Ridge, and the views from the top? Just unexpected. I felt pretty much relaxed Travelarii wonderful section of hotels , villas and many more.

Are there any charming towns worth stopping by in New Jersey.webp

Beyond the mountains, New Jersey has a surprising amount of history. I spent an afternoon getting lost in the echoing halls of Bordentown Prison, where gangsters like Al Capone once resided. Spooky and fascinating in equal measure. And hey, if you're into quirky museums, check out Lucy the Elephant in Margate City. It's a six-story elephant-shaped building from the 1880s – need I say more?

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaHiking, campingMountain adventure
Bordentown PrisonHistory buff explorationSpooky & Fascinating
Lucy the Elephant, Margate CityQuirky roadside attractionFun & Unique
Charming Towns (e.g., Lambertville, Stockholm)Shopping, dining, exploringSmall-town America
Local Restaurants (Your Discoveries!)Support local businessesDelicious & Unexpected

New Jersey might surprise you. Ditch the crowds and explore the wild side!

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