Anybody working as a digital nomad in South Korea?


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Is there anyone working remotely from Korea now?

Recently, it seems like many people are heading towards Bangkok, you know...

I'm currently staying and working at a place called Local Stitch in Hongdae, and it's def lit.

There are also many people here from Germany... plenty of networking opportunities here.

However, the prices... um, they similar to Japan's level. Sentimental value...

I'm planning to go to Asia soon, so if you have any good recommendations, please let me know.


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A spacious and pleasant environment!

And a cute dog sitting next to you! I guess the local stitch can be checked in with a dog...

It seems like it was not possible in previous shared offices, but it seems to be a service that is actually needed in this day and age.


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This is the foreground of localstitch that are currently remote working.
European sensibility among Asian neatness…
I like this kind of mixed culture.

Free environment, now the original contract is about to expire, but it was extended today.

Actually, I didn't mean to stay this long, but I loved this environment so much!

Sensuous co-working space and neat co-living space inspire me enough!