Accommodation in St Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg offers a wide range of accommodation options for its guests all around the city. Among the most popular places are, of course, hotels and hostels. There are also B&B options, mini-hotels, apartments. The choice definitely depends on one’s budget and preferences. But, in fact, if you travel in a non-tourist season, it is possible to get a very nice room with a Neva river view very cheap, and it will be right in the city centre.

Some internationally known hotel brands, presented in Saint Petersburg, are especially popular among foreign guests. Probably, this situation is easy to compare with a case when people drive to McDonald’s anytime they arrive at a new city and want to grab a snack.

Anyway, among the most popular hotels in St Petersburg are Corinthia Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Renaissance by Marriott, Kempinski, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and others.

Anytime you visit Russia, you need to have temporary registration. All large hotels and some mini-hotels have such service. In some cases, though, you will have to pay extra. Better get to know all the opportunities before booking a spot.

As for the booking services, you can always get a room straight on some hotel’s website or via popular

I wish you a wonderful trip to Saint Petersburg Russia! To learn more about the city, its attractions and travel tips, visit this website.