‘A Narnia-esque portal to another world’ – a hike on the Ulster Way


Graham Little

Our writer tackles a spectacular stretch of Northern Ireland’s Ulster Way revamped and re-mapped to mark its 75th anniversary

Back when I had no children and, consequently, the seesaw of life’s energy still tipped towards surplus rather than shortfall, I got into the habit of long, early morning runs. I was living in a built-up suburb of east Belfast, but one of the unappreciated and beguiling features of that complex city is the easy access to the beautiful and diverse countryside that rings it.

Keen to get off pavement and away from traffic, my heels took to the hills, following no particular route other than a vague plan to keep ascending. To my great delight I found a network of rough paths connecting glens, grassy hills, fields, pockets of woodland and quieter country roads, all within half an hour of jogging up from the city.

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