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    The area of Mount Tara in western Serbia represents the westernmost group from the group of Starovlaško-raški mountains. Mount Tara, a synonym for recreational classes, always a bit in the shadow of fashionable Zlatibor, in recent years is beginning to position itself as a real pearl among the...
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    Spas in Serbia

    Ribarska Banja is located on the northern slopes of the Veliki Jastrebac mountain, and is 34 kilometers away from Kruševac. It is decided by oak and beech forests. The oldest bathroom here is related to the story of Princess Milica who came to bathe in order to rejuvenate and remain beautiful...
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    Vrnjacka Banja is located in the valley of the river Zapadna Morava and is about 200 kilometers away from Belgrade. It is characterized by linden forests, but pine and fir are present. The Romans also spoke about the healing effect of its water. There are seven hot and cold mineral water...
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    Visit serbia

    Zlatar Mountain is located in Western Serbia between the rivers Lima, Uvac, Milesevka and Bistrica. The highest peak is Velika Krševa with 1627 meters. The season never ends here. During the winter there are two ski slopes: Briježđa 980 meters long and Panorama 800 meters long. During the...