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    Presentation to the community

    Hi Israno, Welcome to Forum for Travel!
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    Server upgrade - Fast and environmentally friendly powered too!

    Our old server was starting to show its age. We've just upgraded to a fast new server with lots of memory and processing power, hosted in a state of the art centre with fast internet connections to the world. Page load times should now be as quick as possible. The new server is also...
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    We're now using the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network

    We're now using the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to deliver our travel forum content. No matter where in the world that you are, you should be able to view our site without any delays. From Atlanta to Zagreb, say goodbye to unnecessary latency by leveraging Cloudflare's massively...
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    Universal Studios, Sea World and Discovery Cove.

    Share information about Sea World(R), Discovery Cove(R) and Islands of Adventure(R).
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    Walt Disney World Forum

    Walt Disney World(R), Disneyland(R) and Disney(R) theme parks discussion forum and chat.
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    New Zealand & the Pacific Travel

    New Zealand Travel Forum - Discuss trip advice, where to stay and what to see and do in New Zealand.
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    Cuba Travel Forum

    Cuba Travel Forum. Cuba travel information, tips, photos, advice and reviews.
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    South America Travel

    Travel Forum / travel talk for South America including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay & Venezuela.
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    Central America Travel

    Central America Travel Forum: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama
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    Caribbean Travel Posts

    Caribbean Travel Forum, talk about the Caribbean Islands including: Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, Cayman, Trinidad, Dominican, Martinique, St Lucia and more
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    Cruise Forum

    Cruise discussions, cruise talk, cruise ships, ports, reviews, cruises and cruise holidays.
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    Advice and discussion of airport lounges

    Advice and discussion of airport lounges including access for frequent visitors, pay per visit options, discount/promotional offers, and airport lounge reviews
  13. Carramar Park

    Carramar Park

    My local park at Carramar, Western Australia
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    Travel technology posts

    Share tips and advice on mobile phones, phone sims, mobile apps, headphones, computers, what works where and what adaptors are recommended.
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    Welcome to forumfotravel Yahunda!
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    Africa travel forum - About Africa

    About Africa Africa has 54 sovereign countries—the most on any continent—and is the second largest continent in terms of both land area and population. Africa is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, by the Red Sea to the northeast, and by the Indian...
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    Hi Finn and welcome to forum4travel!
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    Hello All

    Welcome to forum4travel Frank! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Welcome to the forum Roser024! Hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Hi travel fans!!

    Welcome to the forum Gabor!